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Welcome to Planet Terry Podcast Show Notes

29 Oct


  Welcome to Planet Terry Podcast Episode Guide

 The Welcome to Planet Terry  Podcasts are based on columns and articles that have  appeared in a variety of newspaper and publications. Click on the blue link to get to the download and subscription page.   

War of the Wasps

The inaugural  episode of the Welcome to Planet Terry  Podcast, War of the Wasps,   This episode comes      from  an article which originally appeared in Heartbeat Magazine in Lakeland, Florida. Thanks to Steve Shetter, Executive Director of  the LifeSpring Foundation of Indiana for providing the introductions and closings.

Campfire Blazes

 I am embarrassed to say this episode is also based on a true life adventure. This story originally appeared in Funny Times and was one of my first paid humor articles. The story took place at Wekiva State Park.

A Lobster Tale

This episode is based on a real event  that took place on Florida’s Gold Cost several years ago. The restaurant was one that I believed  was owned by Burt Reynolds and possibly Charles News Charles Nelson Reilly to entertain their showbiz friends. Although accepted for publication twice,  It has never actually  been published before.

Holiday (Christmas) Gift Management

This holiday episode is from  one of my first newspaper columns ever. It has been reprinted  many times during the holiday season and in various parents magazines. It was featured in a   Christmas Magazine with a picture of our daughter looking at Milky  the Cow. I recently saw a Milky the Cow on e-Bay on sale for  over $100. It’s now a collectors’ item.

It Slippered my Mind

This a recent work and it has gotten more attention  than most of my works. Many people have said to me– I don’t  think I would have told that about myself.

Virtual Repairs

This is just a short piece about fixing appliances using the internet, one of my least favorite things to do. I see we have over 160 hits now and the podcast is getting some play on the various podcast sites.  Thanks for listening. Some folks have  problems viewing the podcast page (it comes acrosss in hypertext on some computers). Let me know if that happens to you, we are trying to fix it. The RSS subscription feed is working well on the Juice podcatcher software, which I think is great.

On the Road Again

This is  piece is about some of the key advantages  of making a “business trip”.   It  has a the top ten list which I always like  to use.

Fishing for Trouble 

This one is about  me resuming my fishing career. It introduce my characters,  Malcom and Vince, about whom I have will much to say later.

What Can I be Trusted With?

This one is about all the things I can not be trusted with, according to my wife and it is a rather long list.   

Dairy Daze

This one is about ice cream and how siblings can torment you.

Dummying Up

This one is about an ill-fated visit  by our new minister one summer. It deals with the irrational human tendency to deny things for no particularly good reason at times.

Clark’s Mom

This is a true story about not being able to convince someone else that you  are competent, a struggle that I have long had to endure. This one still makes me a little anxious.

Motel Indiana

This is another  true story about bad motels, especially the place where I stayed when I first came to the Kentuckiana area.

Abitrary Arguements

This podcast is about the senseless arguements that people find themselves embroiled in. I wrote this after hearing my two kids argue over who was going to be able  to beat  who up , when they got to be a 100 years old.

Pontoon Assault and Battery

Another story about my infamous boating career. This time I forget to connect the battery cables and then wonder why it doesn’t start. Duh!


Happy Halloween and Welcome to the Blog

28 Oct

 PLanet Terry New Blog

             Welcome to my new blog courtesy of the Jeffersonville Evening News and the New Albany Tribune. I plan to add  frequent new posts,  as well as the Welcome to Planet Terry podcast on MP3 format. Look for my weekly column on the editoral pages on Fridays. This week– a look at Halloween past and present. For more about me click this link Stawar Bio

Here ‘s a question for new readers? How many of you  have heard of the Halloween prank called corning? If you have ever been corning let me know how you did it.