Thanksgiving as seen from Academia

17 Nov

Well Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I am looking over my favorite Thanksgiving reading. It’s something called, We Gather Together: Consumption Rituals of Thanksgiving Day by Melanie Wallendorf and Eric J. Arnould. Wallendorf is from the Marketing Department at the University of Arizona while Dr. Arno is in the Department of anthropology and sociology at the University of Colorado. They wrote this piece in 1991 for the Journal of Consumer Research.

This article is sort of what might be produced if anthropologists from Mars came to earth to observe how we celebrate Thanksgiving. It reminds me of the Conehead Movie in which Dan Aykroyd (playing the role of Beldar, a stranded space traveler from the planet Remulak) says to Chris Farley (dressed in a tux) when he comes to pick up his daughter for the prom, you looked especially handsome in “your pubescent ceremonial guard”.

I love how they say, “Thanksgiving Day is a collective ritual that celebrates material abundance enacted through feasting. Prototypical consumption of the meal occurs within nuclear and extended family units and private households”.

Tomorrow I will tell you why they say we often wear sweat suits and why many of the foods we eat are smashed or soft.


3 Responses to “Thanksgiving as seen from Academia”

  1. ebria November 24, 2010 at 2:23 am #

    i like this is it is very good i like the title we garther together thatsn sweet bcause we gather with family and friends

    • ebria November 24, 2010 at 2:25 am #

      i like this is very good i like the title we garther together thats sweet beecause we garther with friends and family love thanksgiving i am thanksful for having a home to live and having friends and family and having god!!!!


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