The Welcome to Planet Terry Podcast Download Page

Welcome to Planet Terry Podcast

The Welcome to Planet Terry Podcast is a podcast featuring Dr. Terry Stawar’s humorous and insightful comments on psychology and popular cullture. You can listen to the podcasts or download any of them by clicking on the links below. Potential sponors please call 812-206-1234. Check back frequently as more episodes are added.


WTPT 001 War of Wasps

WTPT 002 Campfire Blazes

WTPT 003 A Lobster Tale

WTPT 004 Holiday Special Gift Management

WTPT 005 It Slippered My Mind

WTPT 006 Virtual Repairs

WTPT 007 Arguements

WTPT 008 Clarks Mom

WTPT 009 Pontoon

WTPT 010 What Can I Be Trusted With

WTPT 011 Dairy Daze

WTPT 012 When to Dummy Up

WTPT 013 On the Road Again

WTPT 014 Fishing for Trouble


One Response to “The Welcome to Planet Terry Podcast Download Page”

  1. david van de voort November 22, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

    Dr Terry,
    I enjoyed your piece on employer gifts. I imagine I will take some ribbing as “Scrooge McVanDeVoort but so be it! Best regards for a happy Thanksgiving – and I hope the garlic bologona was a delicious as it sounds.
    David Van De Voort
    Buck Consultants.

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